Two poems

Bikes and rocks and her and me

i rember a brite sunny day when i was watching my older Sister play on Her bike and i was putting rocks up my nose and i was thinking of bikes and my Sister was riding Her bike and it was a trysickle and i was smushing bugs with my rocks and i was wanting a bike and she was riding round the korner of the street on Her bike and i was throwing rocks at trees and needing a bike and my Sister was happee on Her bike and we ran round after that and wee were laffing twogether and She was happee and i was happee and then She went back to Her bike and i went back to my rocks and i kept thinking of bikes

sso i ssnuck up on Her and Whee!
i pushed Her and She fell down and She cryed and i cryed cause i felt bad and the bike was gone and it was the mosst worst thing i have ever Ever Ever! done in my entire life and i didnt want to make Her cry cause all i reallee wanted was to ride a bike with Her

When I Look Into Your Eyes

I see blue:
as vast and clear
as the summer’s afternoon sky.
I feel the warmth of sand,
encompassing my toes and heels.
Calm and serene —
the flow of the waves tumbling toward the shore.

I see grey:
as fierce as the clawing and swiping
of the lightning across the sky.
I hear the rumble of thunder,
and animal call through the air.
Fiery and strong —
the will of the evening rain crackling across the pavement.

I see green:
as playful as the wisps and swirls
of the Northern Lights.
I smell the dampness of dew,
mischievously painting the midnight grass.
Spirited and lively —
the heart of the twilight glistening over the branches and blades.