Owner’s manual

As promised, with every new purchase of the Manitoban, we include this handy-dandy “User Guide” to help you along on the road forward. Once you’ve mastered the tricky business of the opening and the reading — which I see you’ve already managed to take a crack at — there’s really not much to it!

One of the other first questions we usually get here at the Manitoban office is about the fees. You have probably noticed all those extra dollars on your tuition bill and wondered “But I thought the Manitoban only costs $3 per term?” Yes, very good question. Good, good question.

In fact, the paper is only $3 per term. Those extra thousands are what you’re paying for your courses, a few light UMSU fees, and an assortment of administrative fees. Don’t worry; those classes are usually pretty good. They are a small price to pay for the opportunity you’ve given yourself by joining us here at the Manitoban. If you pay attention some of those courses might actually have their uses — particularly those science ones. In fact, one of our guys did a whole thing of science courses a few years back and now he does quite well for us.

Anyway, lets get on with the tutorial. Here are a few tips about how to make the most of you’re new campus paper.


  • Connect hand-A (D10291) to corner-C3
    (45) Flex topside arm-motor (D4562)
    upwise 30 degrees Push forward till
    hinge A6 (54) is in line with
    trundle B9 (55) Push till you hear a

If you read each issue of the Manitoban, you’ll learn what’s going on around the campus as well as about issues relevant to students from all walks of life. You’ll discover new movies and music, examine the soft underbelly of science, the hard overbelly of sports, the medium-strength middlebelly of culture, and you’ll get to discover the opinions of your fellow students, profs, alumni and even non-students.


  • Using hand-B (D44455), establish
    firm grip on port B (16) Ensure
    stylus (98) is connected to hifi (5)
    Plug to topmost flood handle bulb

Writing an article for us is as simple as sending an email. If you’re not very comfortable with writing, we can give you a story idea, we can give you tips on how to approach your idea, and work with you as you write. And if you’re already a confident writer, just write something and send it to us. Easy-peazy!

You’ll find that we’re open to your work, no matter how wild your ideas may be. We’ll work with you to produce anything, from a news report on a Board of Governors meeting, to a creative writing piece about a Board of Governors meeting . . . at the bottom of the sea!


  • Attach part 56-b (23) to mouth-1
    (D33) Access bar 6 (D554A) must
    include 3 bars (44) of metre-peg
    (68) Collate registration mark
    processor joints (23-44)

If you read something in our paper that you disagree with, tell us how you feel. You can either write an article to provide your own perspective on a topic, or, if you’re strapped for time, you can send us a short letter to the editor (400 words or less) expressing your concerns. If you have the standards and the integrity to criticize the hard work that people put into the paper because it’s not what you believe or because it doesn’t interest you, why don’t you write something? Help us out here. At the very least, write us a letter.

The bottom line is that this paper is not like other papers. It’s not a closed-circuit feed of information that we dole out weekly. This paper is a forum for you to express your ideas and we invite volunteers to express themselves. If you’ve got something to say, say it.


  • Step foot-1 (77) beyond foot-2 (78)
    Motion body-A (1) to door-1 (122)

Want to find out how we put an issue together? Come to our story meetings Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. Check our website for details regarding various section meeting times. We will soon have a guide to volunteering available on our volunteer page.

Feel free to also come by the office any time you like. We are located at 105 University Centre, across from Tim Hortons, behind the Gallery of Student Art (GOSA).

If these specifications have failed to describe how best to use your brand new “the Manitoban,” register your support request at 105 University Centre or with editor@themanitoban.com. A service operator is standing by now to field your questions.