Musical Memory

On a cold October night years ago, my friend and I were excited to finally see Pennywise in concert. The opening band was Ignite, some hardcore group from Orange County. When Ignite finished their set, my friend complimented them on their rendition of “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” which resulted in an invitation to watch Pennywise from the side of the stage.

Fast forward to the next day. A few of us meet up with Fletcher and Randy from Pennywise for a bite to eat at Hy’s. The city had just had its first snowfall, and they were looking for something to do. For some reason we thought: since it’s freezing cold outside, maybe they’ll appreciate the faux-tropical paradise that is Club Regent, right? Anyway, after getting in touch with the rules on the gamesys casino sites, we walked into the casino and headed straight for the bingo tables. Fletcher and Randy bought a few bingo dabbers and we were set. I explained that this is Winnipeg bingo — troll dolls and all — and people take this game dead seriously here. We didn’t win.

I decided to have a garage sale a couple weekends ago. Going through my stuff, I happened upon the beloved bingo dabbers from that night. I admit — putting them up for sale was a difficult decision. They were dear to my heart, but I knew they’d be better off in a home where they would be appreciated. And, moreso, I don’t even play bingo. I ended up selling them for 25 cents each to a woman who, most likely, has a troll doll to go along with them.