CD Review – The Wind Whistles “Animals Are People, Too”

Artist: The Wind Whistles
Album: Animals Are People, Too
Year : 2009
Label: Independent

* out of *

The graphic on the Wind Whistles page of a rodent flying an airplane is, in the words of our Arts Editor, “so cute your heart will explode.” One should never judge an album by its Myspace page graphic, but it’s hard to imagine hearing aggressive punk rock, even though the members of the duo, Tom Prilesky and Liza Moser, come from punk outfit The Nature of Things and grunge band Bad Fate, respectively.

The Wind Whistles, the duo describes themselves as a “boy and a girl who make quirky pop music and travel around playing it,” so it’s safe to expect to hear cute indie pop music that should put most people in a good mood, especially with twee lyrics like “I found a turtle in a shell/looked in and saw that you were there” on the song entitled (surprise!) “Turtle.”

Unfortunately, Animals Are People, Too is ultimately not much more than a mood booster; something breezy to listen to while you’re driving to work or cleaning your room. This is not to say that every album has to have greater depth than that. It’s just that every time I felt that Animals Are People, Too could be something greater, something meaningful, Prilesky and Moser’s vocals would fade to a whisper, and the song wouldn’t quite peak when it should’ve. Still, the duo sound like they genuinely have a good time making their music, and want you to have an equally good time listening to it.