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Celebrate the power of film

With Global Movie Day right around the corner, the Manitoban staff has recommended some of our favourite flicks for your next virtual viewing party — especially if you’re a fan of science fiction, musicals and science-fiction musicals. A continuous comfort and an escape from these tumultuous two years, celebrate everything there is to love about film on Feb. 12 with the hashtag #GlobalMovieDay.

Bell, I want action

Though the mission and vision of Bell Let’s Talk certainly materialize positive dialogue about mental illness, the Canadian public must also be aware of the the deep systemic issues the organization fails to tackle. Despite raising over $8 million in donations for this year’s fundraiser, the campaign itself fails to provide further education on mental illness and naively relies on a social media campaign that occurs once a year and then fades from the public eye until the next fundraiser. This creates an image of philanthropic charity that Bell maintains in order to reap tax cuts laid out by the Canadian government for corporations that contribute to social causes.

One for the bookworms

February is I Love to Read Month and the Manitoban staff is celebrating reading, writing and literacy with a list of books we picked up during the pandemic and just couldn’t put down. Diversify and expand your reading lists, tackle that “to be read” pile, support your local booksellers and share the joy of the written word all month long.

A feathery mental health exercise for weary times

Birding, also colloquially known as birdwatching, is a fun activity that can easily be taken on by the most novice of enthusiasts. In fact, it can be done from the comfort of a dorm room, so long as there is a window and a bit of greenery to look at.

Psychotropic drug use among kids affected by pandemic

Christine Leong, an assistant professor in the college of pharmacy, is the first author of a recently published research letter in JAMA Pediatrics, published by the American Medical Association, comparing psychotropic drug use among children and adolescents prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.