Ryan Harby

From Bombers to Bisons

I had it all planned out. Actually, I had the whole thing written: an article highlighting the dismal failures of the 2009 Winnipeg Blue Bombers….

Marginally better your odds!

Every year when the NHL regular season begins, so do countless fantasy leagues and hockey pools. For those who’ve already gotten roped into one, or…

Good old hockey game

There was an excitement in the air Thursday night. Groups of people gathered, crowding the downtown streets of Winnipeg. It was like waking up from…

My fight is better than your fight

For several years now there has been a certain tension percolating between boxing and mixed martial arts. This month the tension reached a boiling point….

Madden curse strikes again!

Professional athletes are typically known to be a superstitious breed. In hockey it’s bad luck to say the word “shutout” aloud. In baseball, many players…