Student Representative

STUDENT Representative
The Manitoban Newspaper Publications Corporation (MNPC), the organization responsible for publishing the Manitoban, is looking for three students to sit as student representatives on its Board of Directors.

These positions help to ensure students are represented in the organization’s long-term planning and financial oversight processes.

If you’re interested as serving as a student representative, strengthening student media on our campus, and helping to bring a student perspective to our board please let us know!

Qualifications: Prior board experience is not necessary however, an interest in not-for-profit media and governance and policies is a good prerequisite. Applicants should be familiar with the Manitoban and other campus media. Employees of the Manitoban Newspaper Publications Corporation are not eligible to sit as student representatives.

Responsibilities: This is a volunteer position and requires regular involvement in decision-making and attendance at monthly board meetings.

To apply: Please email a copy of your resume and a letter of intent to the board’s chair at

“Board members at the Manitoban are immersed in the highest level of strategic decision making at an organization that is more important in today’s climate than ever before. The Manitoban serves as an immersive training ground for the next generation of journalists while holding our community to account, and board members protect these objectives by working alongside knowledgeable colleagues to address pillars like financial health, innovation, public relations, and so much more. If you believe in campus media and are looking to grow your governance knowledge, look no further than The Manitoban Board of Directors.”
— Kristin Smith, UMSU Vice-President Advocacy