Space Girl goes digital

Review for the digital run of Space Girl

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Space Girl, a play by Frances Koncan which ran at Prairie Theatre Exchange (PTE) last March and April, is now being shown digitally through PTE’s website. The digital version of the play debuted Jan. 17 and will run until Jan. 28. 

The play follows the protagonist Lyra, played by Brynn Godenir, a social media influencer born on the moon who loses her position as the top influencer in the galaxy just in time for an asteroid to have set its sights on earth. Circumstance finds herself landed and stranded on Earth, and must begin a journey to get back home.  

I was intrigued by the first half of the play. Its cool, space-themed set and lighting are everything one would expect to get from a galactic setting — purply-silver holographic hues, luminescent shine on Godenir’s face and a smattering of stars across a blue night sky. The familiar figure of a social media influencer placed within the unfamiliar cosmic setting is an intriguing combination. 

The digital show has moments where it moves between video footage that Lyra takes on her phone and normal footage of the stage, which makes the experience more immersive by taking the viewer directly into the digital world.

I enjoyed this shift in viewpoint, especially after learning that the video footage from Lyra’s phone is part of the regular play — digital viewers just get to experience it in a different way. 

The second half of the play, however, has a bit of trouble coming together. 

The show tries to blend different elements such as Winnipeg references with a lost vagrant character in a Winnipeg Jets jersey, a Hollywood star turned Manitoban farmer, and elements of The Wizard of Oz. The way these things meet up in the end is confusing, but the journey there is still worth a watch if you’re up for a challenge. 

One thing I liked about the digital play is how accessible it was, both in its pricing and its format. The show uses a “pay what you want” pricing system ranging anywhere from $0 to $20, giving almost anyone the chance to see it. 

Purchased tickets are valid beginning at 2 p.m. on the ticket date, and remain valid for 48 hours. Viewers can watch the play whenever they want, and as many times as they want, within that window.

Additionally, the show’s digital format allows viewers to enjoy all the elements of theatre from the comfort of their homes, or anywhere they choose, while allowing them to take breaks as needed by pausing. 

With this digital screening, Space Girl is able to reach a much wider audience — perhaps even one of galactic proportions. 

Take care when ordering your tickets, however. I found the process of actually ordering the tickets to be unclear at first, with more steps than I thought necessary. 

Aside from this, I found the convenience and accessibility of the digital play itself to be a great way of opening the doors of theatre to more people. Don’t miss your opportunity to take off with Space Girl.