UMSU board unanimously votes out community rep

Black students’ representative removed from board of directors

The UMSU board of directors (BOD) unanimously voted to remove Black students’ representative Anita Ayame from her position during a special meeting held on Thursday, Nov. 30. 

The BOD struck an ad hoc committee in late October to investigate complaints made against Ayame. At the time of the committee’s creation, Ayame was suspended from her role in accordance with  the UMSU bylaws.

According to motion 0583, Ayame had been accused of violating several sections of the governance and operations manual, including the harassment policy and safe environment policy. 

In a complaint obtained by the Manitoban, Ayame was accused of disrespectful and rude behaviour and failure to attend meetings or communicate with her team.  

The ad hoc committee was made up of five BOD members. The committee was allowed a maximum of four weeks to conduct its investigation. 

The special meeting advertised on the UMSU Instagram page was held in closed session, with the UMSU executives waiting in the hall along with students at-large. The hour and a half-long meeting allowed ad hoc committee members to present their findings to the board.

The 23 voters unanimously voted in favour of Ayame’s removal from the BOD. Ayame could not be reached for comment. 

The position of Black students’ representative will be filled in a by-election. The date of the by-election is not yet confirmed.