The Manitoban enters 110th year

As the Manitoban approaches the midway point of its 110th publishing year, we are reminded of the vital role that student journalism plays in a university’s society. 

Journalism is essential to a functioning democracy. Good journalism holds institutions accountable and keeps members of the public informed on issues that matter to them. Student journalism has a particular part to play, covering stories and issues that major outlets often overlook. It also gives students a platform when their voices might not be heard elsewhere.

Student publications provide aspiring journalists and creatives with opportunities to develop key skills in writing, reporting, photography, editing, illustration and design. Because the University of Manitoba has no journalism program, the Manitoban has had a crucial role in forming many future journalists within the province over the past century. 

The Manitoban has influenced the lives and careers of many students, former and present, and they in turn have shaped what the Manitoban is today. Every person who walks through the doors of the newsroom makes an impact on the paper in some way.

If you’ve picked a copy of the Manitoban during your time at the U of M, thank you. We do this job because we love it. You have supported the many hours of dedication and effort that go into each and every issue.