Wholesome ode to Taylor Swift

Provided by Meraki Theatre

2.75/5 stars

Meraki Theatre Productions’ Midnight combines the classic fairy-tale formula with the tunes of Taylor Swift. Featuring a twist ending and a lively cast of teenagers, this show brings a smile to your face and leaves you singing long after leaving the venue’s campfire atmosphere.

Themes of self-love and finding your voice make this “Love Story” one to say yes to. Here is a shoutout for keeping the girl’s glasses on after her major transformation!

I recommend the show to families searching for a wholesome message and Taylor Swift fans wanting to sing along and laugh with their friends. Highlights include the narrator August, the protagonist Ella and “Look What You Made Me Do,” as reimagined by Ella’s evil stepfamily.

But for the seasoned theatre veteran, Midnight unfolds as less of a narrative and more of a Taylor Swift tribute. Sour notes were abundant, and emotional delivery could often be likened more to karaoke than to a developed expression of character. 

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