The importance of different perspectives

Acceptance of differing opinions is crucial to being well-rounded

I find that when I am in a discussion with someone about a “controversial” topic, the conversation always gets heated.

I think that most people tend to go into political, religious or personal conversations with an “all or nothing” mindset.

This is when, in an unconventional conversation, people will try to convert you into believing their views through argument, or will stay stuck in their ways, unwilling to view another perspective. I’m not sure that this is always done consciously, as some humans are just stubborn by nature.

I do believe, though, that this mindset limits healthy conversation and debate and is the reason that so many groups are divided.

I’d argue that most people are taught to respect others’ opinions even if those opinions do not correspond with their own. This seems like an easy enough task to do, but it is something that some people definitely need to work on.

It is okay to agree to disagree. Debate and difference of opinion are healthy. It is what makes us all unique. Besides that, it’s just a basic freedom. Everyone deserves the right to freely express their opinions.

I am not saying that this is alright if it comes at the cost of someone’s mental or physical safety, but we should all be given the equal and free opportunity to speak our minds.

I think that many people are starting to blur the line on what an opinion really is.

An opinion is simply someone’s personal perception of something, not an attack on another person. I think that it is important to make this distinction.

I find this to be the biggest problem in the media. When I am scrolling through news updates or watching something online, what I see is always so one-sided. Sure, most news channels are politically biased, but how can we gather an informed opinion if we only know one side of the story?

I think it’s healthy to look at information you would not necessarily agree with to try to either reaffirm your own opinion or maybe shift your views slightly. Doing this also helps to just understand where others are coming from.

This tactic makes for a much healthier and more informed conversation between two people with different opinions.

I am a politically driven person, so I find this to be critical. I can’t truly understand the weight of a problem if I am just viewing it from one perspective. Although I definitely have specific political opinions, I understand where others are coming from.

Not only is it important to look at other sources for understanding how other people view ideas, but it is also critical to not let the media that we consume polarize our views and perspectives on important issues.

I believe that to be a well-rounded person, you need to be socially aware. This doesn’t just concern social issues, it includes the perspectives and opinions of others.

It may be somewhat “socially unacceptable” to advocate for all opinions, as there are definitely less popular opinions out there, but it is necessary to do so. We as a society cannot claim inclusivity and acceptance unless we truly love each other regardless of differing opinions.

That is the beauty of being human. We have differences and we are all unique. Sure, it is refreshing speaking to someone with the same opinion as you, but that does not challenge you or build your character.

There are so many people from so many different walks of life out there. It is so important to gain all these perspectives before digging your heels into the sand.

I feel that the divide between different groups of people, even within our country, is caused by a lack of acceptance and some ignorance of other people’s right to freedom of expression.

That may sound harsh, but we are all at fault for that. In order to be fully accepting of others’ opinions we need to be held accountable for our tenacious ways.

I feel like more people need to be called out on this. Not enough people are looking in the mirror and accepting the fact that they indeed do not practice the inclusivity that they preach.

Next time you are in a heated discussion, remember to look at the other person’s viewpoint and try to see where they are coming from and why they have the opinion they do. Instead of jumping to conclusions, understand the story.