Update: New UMSU community rep position in the works

Last week, UMSU reported that the potential racialized student representative position on the UMSU board of directors would be funded by taking $2,000 from the community initiative funding (CIF) budgets of the other community representatives on the board.

This would have followed the system implemented with the creation of the board’s Black students’ representative, where the existing CIF was redistributed among all positions.

As of now, governance committee chair Ivan Nuñez Gamez reports that this is no longer the case.

He said that all community representatives will continue to receive their funding from the CIF, but that the current plan will keep the budgets for each position the same.

Nuñez Gamez said that UMSU is still considering how to fund the racialized representative position, but that one option that has been raised would involve increasing the CIF within the union’s existing operating budget.