Winter! It’s not as bad as you think

Despite its bad rap, winter has its merits

It is cold outside, which is a sure-fire sign that winter in all its terror and splendour has
arrived. While winter technically arrives on Dec. 21, for all intents and purposes we are living
it currently. It is not hard to see why some people are critical of the winter season, especially
with temperatures in the negative 30s being commonplace.

Living somewhere where it gets so cold that if you go stay outside for too long you risk
hypothermia can be difficult. However, in the Northern Hemisphere, the frigid winter season
— like death — comes whether we like it or not, so we might as well try to see the positive.

While being equated with death is not a glowing comparison, there are great aspects to
the winter season. As it stands, it is a stage of nature that we should learn to live with. Most
situations, winter included, have silver linings that continue to make life enjoyable even if
they seem overbearing or difficult.

A prime example of this silver lining is that during winter, there are numerous festivities
and celebrations. Winter solstice, Hanukkah and my personal favourite, Christmas, all land
in the cold and snowy season this year .

These holidays are a great time to get together with friends and family. They’re an
important reminder of how valuable these people are in our lives, and that all we really need
is each other’s company.

The ceremonies of gift giving that are common to these holidays are just plain fun, and
while the seasonal festivities are great, so too are the foods.

Peppermint candy canes might not be my favourite, but I feel a twang of excitement when
I open festive candy regardless of how much I actually like it. But peppermint and other
winter flavours pale in comparison to eggnog, which is unfortunately only sold in the few
months surrounding the holidays. I can hardly think of something more enjoyable than
pouring a cold glass of eggnog and watching snow slowly fall while being faintly illuminated
by the dim streetlights.

Which brings me to my next point: winter is a beautiful season.

Of course, come the later months the muck and grime stains the snow and the roads are
covered in black ice. But at least in November and December, the blanket of snow covering
the rooftops and fields is undeniably beautiful. The long bus rides I take on my way home
from school are made more bearable by the scenery of the Winnipeg winter.

The beauty of winter is a simple thing, as in general the season is pretty much just a
blanket of white, but I do not think its simplicity takes away from its quality.

Of course, there are negative aspects of winter. Trudging through two feet of snow just to
get home is far from luxurious, but it helps to look at the positive aspects of these things

Being able to appreciate winter is a very human pleasure, and it makes an admittedly
difficult season tolerable to the point of enjoyment, which is certainly worth something.

We are only on Earth for a certain amount of time, and the reality is that there will either be
a winter every year you live in Winnipeg, or the season will eventually disappear due to the
climate crisis.

Regardless of the outcome, winter is going to be here for quite a long time, and I plan to
enjoy it as much as I am realistically able to.

While you are free to disagree with me or to do differently, I hope I have at the very least made
you think a little more positively on the season, and reflect on some of the good times that it brings.