Medical clinic opens on Bannatyne campus

Clinic to make accessing healthcare ‘less stressful and more convenient’

As of Oct. 19, students on the U of M’s Bannatyne campus now have access to a new health clinic, a service they did not have prior.  

With partnership between student affairs and the Rady faculty of health sciences, students can now visit the university health service clinic (UHS) at room P309 in the pathology building along with using services remotely.  

Students on the Bannatyne campus will now have access to same-day medical care and a family physician on campus.  

“It had always been the goal to eventually have a clinic for students on that campus so that it’s easier for them to access healthcare,” said Lori-Ann Lach, director of university health service. 

Lach said the opening of the UHS clinic will allow students to get medical attention while “minimizing any disruption to their studies.” 

“This will make accessing health care much less stressful and more convenient for busy students,” Lach said in a statement. 

Having been a medical student herself and working in the health-care profession, Lach understands that “particularly, when you’re in the healthcare discipline, you spend a lot of time at school.” 

Lach added that the Rady faculty of health sciences “got really on board and excited about the idea,” and helped “provide the push” to get the clinic up and running.  

Though the clinic is now open, Lach said there were some challenges that led to its delay.  

 “The reason that opening was delayed had nothing to do with [the COVID-19 pandemic], but it was quite a challenge getting things up and running,” she said. 

The clinic needed to apply to and gain approval from the university’s COVID-19 recovery steering committee and establish its plans for what the screening protocol would be if patients from outside the campus were to enter the building, which Lach noted was “a concern” while opening the clinic. 

Lach said that students having access to medical resources is “probably the most important thing” about having a clinic on the Bannatyne campus. 

Before the clinic was built, Lach said students “didn’t have access to all the same services that the students at Fort Garry Campus had through no fault of their own, simply due to where they were going to school.” 

She continued to say that “hopefully it will make life much easier […] for students on that campus now that they know that they have a place that they can go for their healthcare.”  


The clinic is now open for bookings and can be reached both in person and by phone at (204) 272-3148.