Plenty of laughs for a good cause

The Human Condition Comedy Tour returns to Manitoba

Image provided by Scott Porteous

Last September, three comedians toured Western Canada, raising money for various charities and offering feel-good vibes. Now, on its second run, The Human Condition Comedy Tour — featuring comedians Scott Belford, Adam Mac and Scott Porteous — is coming to Brandon March 12 and Oakbank March 13.

Instead of waiting for opportunities to come his way, tour organizer Porteous made his own comedy tour by combining his love of travel and comedy, while also doing some good in the world.

“It’s me being selfish in the most selfless way,” he said.

“We can help build awareness and raise funds [for charities] and they can help us out, you know, give more exposure for our brand at the same time.”

While there are different charities and organizations involved, the Brandon Humane Society is the sole Manitoban organization benefiting from this iteration of the tour.

When choosing tour partners, Porteous’s criteria were “People that I respect, I find funny, that I can last in the car with for two weeks without driving me crazy to the point where I think of murder.”

“That’s obviously a joke,” he added.

Porteous’s knack for storytelling and self-deprecating humour is balanced with Mac’s depressingly optimistic adventures as a new father and Belford’s “Canada’s funniest sweetheart” energy.

“We’re not aiming to be nasty and dirty, but like, we’re also adults,” Porteous said.

The tour is making stops in Alberta and Saskatchewan on top of the Manitoban stops.

“There’s a lot of small towns that don’t necessarily get — [they’re] under the radar, if you will — the attention that, you know, unfortunately that the bigger cities do,” Porteous said.

“The basic mentality is, ‘No town is too small, no city is too big.’ We want to make sure everybody is included.”

Porteous is already planning a summer tour, with every intention of continuing The Human Condition Comedy Tour for as long as he can.

“Making people laugh […] it’s a therapy,” he said.

“Comedy is definitely cheaper than paying somebody to listen to you sit on a couch.”


For more information, go to The Human Condition Comedy Tour’s Facebook page. Tickets for the comedy shows are $20 each.