Arts Student Body Council elections begin

One slate runs unopposed for all seats

The Arts Student Body Council (ASBC) 2019-20 general elections are underway, and one slate is set to take over all available positions.

Aspire ASBC is the slate behind every single candidate running, and all candidates are running unopposed — meaning students voting will only have a choice to vote “Yes,” “No” or to abstain.

Among the candidates are 2018-2019 president Julius Chester, who is running to sit on one of ASBC’s four seats on the UMSU board of directors, and current UMSU board member Cali Sproule, who is running for the presidential position.

Science students’ association senator and current ASBC chairperson Harvey Guzman will act as the election’s chief returning officer.

Campaigning ends March 20 and voting runs from March 21 to 22.

President: Cali Sproule (UMSU board of directors)

Vice-president: Ewurafua Opoku-Agyeman

Senator (three available positions):

• Nina Lam

• Mardi McNicholl

• Lilja Best

UMSU board of directors (four available positions):

• Stephen Gatphoh

• Jillian Boersch

• Julius Chester (ASBC president 2018-19)

• Zac Wronski (ASBC executive assistant)

Director of academic programming: Samantha Tumlos

Director of social programming: Saleha Koma

Arts lounge programmer: Ivy Madden

Accessibility representative: Catherine Acebo

Indigenous students’ representative: Taz McKay

International students’ representative: Musila Kendake

LGBTTQ* representative: Kirsten Trimble

Womyns’ representative: Alicia Edoo