Student union developing flexible parking pass option

Program would offer flex passes to accommodate student schedules

UMSU is working on introducing a more flexible parking pass system.

According to UMSU vice-president external Owen Black, the program is still “in the beginning phase of planning.”

“Parking services is still examining how to roll out the program and what the program will look like,” said Black.

“This includes partnering with UMSU to do a survey of our membership to determine what exactly students would want to see in a flexible parking pass.”

Black said he hopes to have the program introduced for September 2019.

Black said he expects the program will allow students to purchase two different passes — one for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and another for Tuesday and Thursday, to accommodate the different schedules students may have.

“This is aimed at students who stack their courses onto those two different schedules,” Black said.

“We have heard a lot from students that they only take classes, say, on Tuesday and Thursday but are also paying for a pass on Monday, Wednesday and Friday despite them not coming to the university on those days. This would allow more flexibility for students to cater their schedule to their needs, as well as save them money due to not having to buy a full-time pass.”

Black said the pass is likely to take this two-day or three-day schedule-based form due to “system limitations.”

“This new flexible parking pass would not replace the full-time pass, but instead be an additional offer from parking services,” said Black.

Annual parking passes for both commuter students and resident students currently cost $592 for the Fort Garry campus. Student parking permits are valid from Sept. 1 to April 30 of each year.