Song Premiere: R U S T O W L — Hibernation

Winnipeg four-piece releasing debut EP this month

Winnipeg folk-infused four-piece rock outfit R U S T O W L is dropping its debut EP this month.

Less than a year after the band’s live debut as a fledgling two-piece, the four song self-titled EP will be turned loose at a double release show along with housepanther – who is releasing her debut full length – at X-Cues Cafe and Lounge March 23.

The Rustcat Bonfire, as the show has been dubbed, will also feature Cannon Bros. and Juniper Bush.

R U S T O W L emerged after guitarist and singer Garrett Iverson and drummer Jory Strachan’s previous outfit, punk band 1971, ended tragically with the death of bassist Cam Cranston.

“It was pretty obvious we couldn’t continue 1971,” said Strachan, “but we wanted to still play music.”

The pair began writing songs that would begin the R U S T O W L canon and played one live set as a two-piece before Robert Reimer came in on bass and Jensen Fridfinnson – who also shares vocal duties – brought a fiddle into the mix.

“After that show we solidified everything and suddenly we were a four-piece band,” said Strachan.

“Those four songs [that make up the EP] had already been written,” he said, “but we all build on the songs together as a band and all worked on the arrangements together.”

The songs maneuver in a grey area that draws influence from punk, folk, and country, and Strachan said the band has been loosely tagged post-punk Americana.

But he added, “We’re pretty much just a fucking rock band.”

The EP is being released through Transistor 66 Record Company with a limited run of cassettes from Birthday Tapes. A first track is being released today. A second song will be released next week.

The track “Hibernation” can be streamed below:

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