Readers weigh in on the new U-Pass

Letters to the editor

Graphic by Kelly Campbell.

Readers of the Manitoban reacted strongly to a recent article reporting on the roll out of the U-Pass at the U of M. The following responses were taken from the Manitoban‘s Facebook page with permission from the authors.


I mean, I’m sure it’s an inconvenient cost for anyone who can afford to drive every day. But as someone who lives in the North End, who buys a bus pass for $75 a month just to go to a good university to get myself a better education, this is a godsend. I’m not privileged enough to live in Sage Creek and drive every day. I rely on transit for this. Yes I think it should be optional, but I’d ultimately rather have it than not. I think many people in the same situation as me will agree.

– Laurel Persowich


Frustrated mostly with opt-outs in the sense where there was no consideration for those suffering from severe motion sickness and anxiety disorders preventing them from being on a bus. I can’t see the silly opt out paper until September 1st and might need my doctor to fill out information. Additionally, for some people a 10-minute drive to the university becomes a 75-minute bus ride. It’s frustrating that the cheaper option got cheaper and the more expensive option by a landslide got more expensive.

– Taylor Nimchonok


We’re finally catching up to other large universities in the country. This should provide incentive to Winnipeg Transit to improve and expand on their existing system, which would make it more convenient for the people who are complaining about it. Every change comes with backlash, but everyone will have to suck it up and embrace it.

– Kasey Rae Morgan


It’ll save me $500 but also add an extra hour to my commute. Getting to and from campus will be more unreliable and also lugging around my bags, sports equipment and instrument in the winter on the bus sounds like a nightmare… and it is. Taking the bus just isn’t worthwhile or feasible for a lot of students, including those who live close to campus or who have busier lifestyles. What our student fees are used for should be complained about if people are unhappy so that other frivolous expenses don’t get added for whatever reason in the future. Frankly I didn’t enroll at U of M with the idea of making sure you and everybody else has an easier time making it to campus, but soon you’ll be entitled to whatever fee I have to pay to help you get there.

– Eren Oleson