RE: Strengthening student media

LettersToTheEditorGraphic by Evan Tremblay.

Kudos to Craig Adolphe for so frankly and compellingly making the case for the value of a sustainable and independent student media outlet (Strengthening student media, Jan. 27, 2016). As a former volunteer for the Manitoban, someone who has worked with and for numerous Manitoban alumni, and someone who now interacts weekly with the current Manitoban staff (answering tough but necessary questions), I couldn’t agree more. The Manitoban helps bring intelligent thought, discussion and engagement to our campus community. This year’s iteration is a particularly strong one, with relevant, timely and fair news articles. Times and technologies may change, but a dedicated student media outlet like the Manitoban – poking, prodding, reflecting, on behalf of students – remains an invaluable asset to our university community.

John Danakas
Executive director, public affairs
University of Manitoba