Graphic by Jondell Coombs.

public boolean ourLove(Person me, Person you) {

          // this is something I must do

          // a Person you and a Person me

          // to show the world what ourLove() can be

          me.myLove = true;

          you.yourLove = inLoveToo();

          // inLoveToo() returns false or true

          // because I can’t force love upon you

          if(you.yourLove == true) {

                                    print(“I’m happy I’m with you.”);


          else if(you.yourLove == false) {

                                   // there are errors in your result

                                   // I don’t understand, how can it be?

                                   // I will show you why you love me

                                    while(you.yourLove == false) {

                                                      // I will change the errors in your result

                                                      // I must fix them until it becomes true

                                                      // I must fix them because I love you

                                                      boolean sameInterests = checkInterests(me, you);

                                                    // we must find what interests us two

                                                    // so I’ll checkInterests() for what overlaps

                                                    // but if there’s nothing, then I must adapt

                                                    if(sameInterests == true) {

                                                                 print(“I confess, I love you.”);

                                                                 you.yourLove = inLoveToo();

                                                                // we leave this loop once yourLove                is true


                                         else if(sameInterests == false) {

                                                      // that is no problem, I’ll change my faults

                                                      // I’ll adapt to like what you like to do

                                                      me.interests = interestsOf(you);



                                    // you now love me like I do you

                                    // we can show the world ourLove() is true

                                    // if anyone questions ourLove() we’ll say

                                    // that ourLove() is true, it was made this way


                  return true;