Fishing in the dark done right

Lake Shaker promises to be a night of winter fun

Photo by Alana Trachenko.

Fundraising is an essential tool in any non-profit’s belt, so it is always important to create events that are worth coming to. FortWhyte Alive has had no trouble with that, as their Lake Shaker event sold out three weeks before the event. It is no wonder when looking at what the night entails: skating, sledding, ice fishing, and live music – all on the frozen lake.

Sarah Carson, the event’s co-ordinator, said that the event is brought together by a team of staff and volunteers, and all proceeds support FortWhyte Alive’s environmental education programs.

“As a non-profit organization, we rely on these kinds of fundraising events to continue doing the work that we do each and every day,” Carson said.

Not only is there snow bocce and cocktails, but the added benefit of knowing that ticket sales are going to a good cause.

Carson said that for those attending, the night will be a nostalgic reminder of field trips as kids.

“I think most people don’t think of FortWhyte Alive as a place to go for a hike, go ice fishing, or have a bonfire with friends – but that’s a big part of what we do here every day,” she said.

“For many, this will be FortWhyte Alive like they’ve never seen it before. And there has been a lot of excitement around hatchet throwing. The toboggan slide is incredible, and definitely not just for kids.”

The toboggan slide in question is the Richardson Rrrun, Winnipeg’s tallest toboggan slide that rockets tobogganers onto the frozen lake.

It certainly does add another element of interest, in case the party on the lake did not have that covered.

The menu is street food style and provided by Diversity Foods, while local band the Reverend Rambler will be playing live music.

The event, like many others in Winnipeg, has the effect of reminding us that winter can be fun, and that ice and snow are less obstacles than they are new materials for entertainment.

“I think it’s important to showcase what winter in Winnipeg can be,” Carson said. “And I think people really are craving those authentic ‘winter experiences’ – having the event sell out three weeks in advance, I think, is a testament to that.”

The FortWhyte Alive Lake Shaker will take place on March 14 at 7 p.m. All funds raised will support FortWhyte Alive’s environmental education programs. To get involved, visit