Ten Thousand Coffees teams up with Etsy

Making connections: one coffee at a time

Photo by Mackenzie Ewing.

For the past year, Ten Thousand Coffees has been breaking down barriers between young entrepreneurs and those who are already well-established in their field – all over a cup of coffee.

With the announcement of a national partnership with Etsy, a new “maker” category has been added to the online platform, allowing users to interact with some of Etsy’s best creative professionals.

Launched in January 2014, Ten Thousand Coffees has revolutionized the way young people make connections in the business world.

“We knew that if we could create a platform where industry professionals and the next generation could easily connect and engage over something as simple as coffee to share ideas and insights, that the possibilities of what could come from these conversations would be endless,” said founder Dave Wilkin.

Users can join as either a novice or a professional. Once they complete their profile, novices are able to browse the platform and invite experts for a coffee in person, over email, phone, or Skype.

“One of the best memories I think I have was when one of our team members was invited for coffee by a young woman who was hearing impaired. This young woman was smart and a very talented writer but was apprehensive to participate in networking events hosted by her school because she was more of an introvert,” said Wilkin.

“Going on a one-on-one coffee chat with our team member gave her confidence to invite more people for coffee and made her realize that a one-on-one coffee chat was a great way for her to be able to network with people.”

Seeing firsthand how something as simple as access to a conversation can provide people with the tools, ideas, insight, and confidence they need to move forward constantly encourages Wilkin.

“Every day we have users email, phone, or even come up to us on the street and tell us how valuable their coffee conversations were. People have found jobs that they otherwise wouldn’t have known about, industry professionals have learned insights about their industry that has encouraged them to make changes in their tactics to reach the next generation.”

By partnering with Etsy, Ten Thousand Coffees will open doors to thousands of upcoming creatives and reach a broader audience than ever before.

“Etsy is not only the largest marketplace for creative entrepreneurs, it’s also a people-powered economy,” said Wilkin.

“Ten Thousand Coffees believes that the power of people and the advice they have to share can enable experiences that move the next generation forward. The launch of the makers category is bringing together artists, designers, and makers from diverse backgrounds to engage in conversations, exchange ideas, and spark insights about their industry.”

To celebrate this new partnership, Etsy will be providing 20 free listings to any newcomer opening an online shop on their website. A $5,000 merit-based grant is also up for grabs to help one lucky entrepreneur kick-start his or her creativity into a business.

“We know the impact conversations between two people can have. We want to see thousands of conversations happening across Canada between makers and young creatives,” Wilkin said.

“This current generation is the most educated, technology savvy, and entrepreneurial generation yet. We want them to gain the confidence and advice they need to turn their crafts into their own business.”

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