Art from the Heart

An inspiring celebration of community talent

Photo provided by Art from the Heart.

Featuring 90 artists and over 220 pieces of art, Art from the Heart is a perfect outlet to buy something unique and locally handmade. There is something for everyone: ceramics, photography, pencil drawings, acrylic, oil, encaustic, printmaking, sculptures, collage, installations, textiles, up-cycled art, repurposed art, pen, and ink. Artists will receive 100 per cent of the profits.

Art from the Heart was founded 15 years ago as a small art sale, showcasing the work of inner city residents who were gathering at the St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry to paint watercolours and learn from each other. It has since evolved into one of Winnipeg’s largest exhibitions and sales of local art.

“Every show and sale is unique, since artists who participate come from diverse neighbourhoods, cultural backgrounds, artistic practices, and experiences. Many of these artists experience limited access to resources, while also facing personal barriers to their ability to be recognized for their talents,” said Becky Thiessen, art exhibition co-ordinator.

“The show and sale offers them that opportunity, to be recognized, and most importantly, without any barriers to participation.”

Past shows have typically been held in November as a pre-Christmas art sale. They boasted more than 800 attendees and almost 400 works of art. But, due to last minute staff changes this year, there was not enough time to put together an event earlier.

“A number of us met as volunteers in mid-October and decided to keep the show going, knowing how important it was, but to push the date back so that we could properly organize it,” said Thiessen.

“Art from the Heart is a community in itself; I have been so amazed to see everyone work together to make sure the show happens this year.”

Thiessen is a first-time coordinator this year, but the people she’s met while organizing the event have already profoundly inspired her.

“There is one fellow who is currently incarcerated, but his friend submitted beautiful pencil drawings of his. Then there’s a young woman, recently moved to Winnipeg – a talented painter who started drawing at age three to communicate because she is deaf. One of our volunteers eventually encouraged her to submit work to the show. A woman from China, who has only been here for six months, heard of the program. She is a trained artist and this show will give her access to show her work in an entirely new community.”

Art from the Heart annual show and sale will be held on Feb. 13 from 7-9 p.m. and Feb. 14 from 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m. at Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre (430 Langside Street). Admission is free and local pop duo ATLAAS will be performing.