Tiny Feast: enriching the everyday

Tiny Feast aims to feed the appetites of Winnipeg patrons

Photo credit to Lauren Siddall.

Little things such as a beautiful handwritten note, finding the perfect pen, or giving the ideal gift help enhance the mundane, transforming the boring or uninteresting into a tiny feast.

“Tiny Feast”—as coined in conversation by shop owners Danika Bock and Drex Serduletz—is a phrase to represent enriching the everyday.

“It’s a metaphor that we use to describe a variety of things that feel celebratory, lavish, almost extravagant – yet are intrinsically simple and useful, and therefore justifiably attainable on a personal, everyday level,” said Bock.

The result of this lingual creativity is a cozy shop tucked away in the heart of the Exchange, filled with beautiful stationary and workspace supplies, as well as rich textiles, ceramics, art prints, and giftware.

“With backgrounds in graphic design and printmaking, we have always been drawn to well-made products that integrate usefulness, thoughtful design, and communication.”

All of their products are pillared upon the goal of “encouraging communication, creativity, and mindful living.” The husband and wife duo also focus on bringing unique brands to the streets of Winnipeg, some of which would not otherwise be available.

“Our products are sourced both locally and internationally. We work with almost 100 different studios, artists, and companies – a list that is continually growing,” said Bock.

“A few of these companies are located here in Winnipeg while most are located quite a bit farther: across North America, and in countries like Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Korea, and Japan.”

The internationality of the store goes beyond the merchandise sold. Bock and Serduletz honed the idea of Tiny Feast while living in Berlin and travelling around Europe. During their time abroad, they spent the majority of their spare time tucking into local shops, which sparked thoughtful moves toward opening their own.

“Leaving the city proved to be a great opportunity for us to establish our priorities as individuals and as a couple. It allowed us the space and time to consider the life we wanted when we returned home, and the ways in which we could achieve this,” Bock told the Manitoban.

“As we prepared to move back home to Winnipeg, our vision and determination to open a shop became strong enough that we decided to take the risk and go for it. We began to work towards opening the shop and devoted the majority of our spare time and energy towards making it happen.”

For Bock and Serduletz, the role of shopkeeper has taken on a more creative connotation. Each product in the store is selected to serve a purpose, convey their brand, and shape the presence of their business.

“I have kind of always loved the idea of being a shopkeeper. I liken it to the job of an art director or the writer of a design blog, but with a physical presence, more real-life interactive elements, and the ability to meet new people every day.”

“We have always loved the entire process of thinking up an idea, finding a way to bring the idea to life, problem-solving to find realistic solutions along the way, and then using, sharing, and enjoying the final product.”

Tiny Feast is located at 217 McDermot Avenue.