The Lucid Dream

Art & Soul prepares for its Dalí-inspired event

Photo credit to Leif Norman.

Picture the night: it’s a frigid January evening, but as soon as you walk in the door, you leave wintery Winnipeg behind and enter a new world – one of art; music; and, thankfully, cocktails. You’re surrounded by people dressed in everything from ball gowns to peculiar masks, or both, and the decor is equally head-turning.

Art & Soul and the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) are gearing up for their event, the Lucid Dream, taking place Jan. 31, 2015. With only weeks to go, Tim Horn, marketing co-chair of the event, says that it’s “crunch time.”

The party will feature two exhibits of Salvador Dalí’s work, which inspires the entire atmosphere of the event. True to its name, the Lucid Dream is more than an art exhibit or a party, but rather an intoxicating combination of both. Guests can expect to hear a variety of local bands and DJs, with a different performer on each floor, including DJ Hunnicutt, DJ Co-op, and Attica Riots.

Horn said they had no issues finding performers for the event.

“We had them all lined up very quick,” said Horn, adding that most of the performers have played the WAG before and know how to adapt to the energy of the room.

“Each floor is different,” said Horn. “It will be a different experience on each level. It’s going to be immersive [ . . . ] it’s not just going to be looking, there will be some interaction.”

In keeping with the surreal theme of the evening, guests are encouraged to dress up.

“The nice thing about this theme is that it’s up to your imagination,” said Horn. “You can go all out as full body paint, or you could [do] something simple like wear a dress or a suit and just have one glaring feature like a mask or a big accessory.”

The combination of costumes, art, and added decoration on display at the WAG will all contribute to the bizarre and fascinating atmosphere of the party.

Past Art & Soul events have sold out, and WAG events such as Nuit Blanche and Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition are notoriously difficult to get into. When asked what makes the WAG such a hotspot for Winnipeggers, Horn replied that it’s a great way to experience art for a wide range of the city’s population.

“The WAG really is the centre of culture for the city. It’s an advocate of art and free thinking, and freedom of speech, and it’s always curated galleries that support that,” said Horn.

“Whether you go with your family and the kids, or you go with your friends, or you go for a late night party, there’s always something happening.”

Horn added that the WAG has stayed decidedly contemporary in its exhibits and selection of galleries.

“It encompasses art in all forms,” including film, photography, and festivals such as the Cannes Lions advertising festival.

Whether you’re a fan of Dalí, love a good night of local music, or want to fall down the rabbit hole for an evening, the Lucid Dream is not to be missed.

Tickets for the Lucid Dream are available in person and online through the WAG at $55 per ticket.