Students Offering Support – Manitoba Chapter

Students Offering Support – Manitoba Chapter is a branch of a national charity that develops chapters in universities across North America. In the last 10 years, SOS chapters have tutored more than 25,000 students and raised over $1 million.

The Manitoba chapter is a group that enlists volunteers to tutor donating students. The proceeds fund development programs in Latin America, which operate on volunteer work.

The Manitoba chapter was founded in the fall semester of 2012 by Duaa Kanan, a then-student at the University of Manitoba, who recognized that students needed a program that helped them prepare for exams.

Kanan says the student group was formed to “creatively combine tutoring and fundraising to help students locally and children globally. My goal as the chapter founder and president was to provide high-quality exam review sessions and work for the chapter’s sustainable development.”

In the Manitoba chapter’s first year, tutoring services were offered in more than 10 different science courses, and study packages were available for Organic Chemistry.

“SOS has reached out to more than 600 students in their first or second year at the University of Manitoba, and raised about $8,000 to this date. The money raised this year went to building a feeding centre, which will also serve as a tutoring space for children, in Honduras on an outreach trip this summer.”

For information on how to volunteer with the Manitoba chapter of SOS, or to register for a tutoring session, visit, or check out their Facebook page.