Shotgun Jimmie: loaded rock ’n’ roll

Canadian singer-songwriter takes Main Stage at 2014 Harvest Moon Festival

Graphic by Arden Hill

As a solo artist influenced by 1990s indie rock, Jim Kilpatrick, stage name Shotgun Jimmie, brings an interesting take to the singer-songwriter genre.

Having released seven studio albums since 2004, this one-man rock ‘n’ roll act has received critical acclaim, including a 2011 Polaris long list nomination for his album Transistor Sister.

Shotgun Jimmie’s last album, Everything Everything, was released in 2013. The artist is using the rest of 2014 to write a new record and collaborate on a few other projects.

When performing live, Shotgun Jimmie can be described simply as a one-man wrecking crew. While his studio albums have the full-band flavour, Jimmie is often found performing threefold duties as the singer, guitarist, and drummer.

Attendees of the Harvest Moon Festival will be given a unique Shotgun Jimmie show.

“I often perform as a one-man band but at Harvest Moon this year I will be returning with my backup band, Royal Baby, featuring Cole [Woods] and Mef [Marie-France Hollier] from Winnipeg’s hottest new group, Human Music,” says Kilpatrick.

Shotgun Jimmie describes his live shows as “lighthearted, sincere comic thunder, basketball double dribble, and often heavy on the Grey Poupon.”

Catch Shotgun Jimmie at the 2014 Harvest Moon Festival on Sept. 12 on the Main Stage at 9:15 p.m.