Make Time

Local entrepreneur hits Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Honey Time, Face Time, and Tea Time. Photo by Katy MacKinnon.

At a time when the words “organic” and “raw” are a growing trend, Jasmine Lozenski’s homemade skin care products are much sought after. Make Time, a label that stirs thoughts of slowing down for some self-care, recently debuted as an official product sponsor of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week.

Make Time got its start when Lozenski decided to take her personal skin care into her own hands. Finding too many chemicals in the skin care products currently on the market, she decided to make her own products with ingredients like coconut oil and honey.

When friends took notice, Lozenski, with a love for crafts, made 12 jars and posted them on Instagram for sale.

“It blew up,” she says. “And then Christmas was coming, and people [wanted] these as gifts, so I had to make them left, right, and centre.”

Photo by Katy MacKinnon

Lozenski entered the Government of Manitoba’s Young Entrepreneurs Program—a grant program that helps individuals aged 18-29 start a business—during which she attended business courses and received mentoring to get her business going.

Her workstation is her kitchen; a shelf lines the wall and is stocked with Mason jars, labels, a juicer (for the cucumber juice in After Sun Time), and an iPod speaker.

Each ingredient involved in a Make Time product has a different purpose – lemon for an antiseptic, olive oil for moisture, and peppermint oil as an antifungal. Lozenski knows the ins and outs of each product.

“It works for all skin types, too,” she says. “A lot of my customers will complain that they have acne or rosacea, so the honey kind of takes away the rosacea.”

Lozenski crafts products for the bearded fellow, too. Her Stache Wax and Beard Time were given out in 200 gift bags at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week.

The signature black and white striped Make Time logo was displayed on the big screen, next to Aldo’s logo. During the three days of fashion week, an estimated two million viewers saw the Make Time logo. The exposure led to some discussion about bringing the Make Time products to stores in Toronto and Montreal.

“The fad of organic and natural is just rising,” says Lozenski. “I don’t think it’s going to drop.”

Purchase Make Time products at Free delivery within Winnipeg. Products also sold at Prep Hair, Normandy Shoppe, and Be-YOU-tee Factory.