Locals to look out for

Hana Lulu

Let’s talk Hana Lulu, a synth-based electronic dance-pop trio that will be releasing their debut EP on Nov. 15 at 72 Princess Street.

Hana Lulu deftly mixes rock and roll energy with beats that get the toes a tappin’ and fingers a snappin’. Their vocals nimbly dance through hyped up emotional extremes in a way that is vaguely reminiscent of the Cure, while the music that accompanies the vocals brings to mind the rabble rousing Madchester sound best exemplified by the Happy Mondays.

Now, if you are a regular reader of this column you know that I am as interested in presentation as the music itself – the medium is the message, right?

Hana Lulu are no slackers when it come to presentation. The addition of drum loops and samples can drain a lot of kinetic energy from a live performance, forcing the performers to remain stationary. Hana Lulu makes up for this with wild light shows and smoke machines.

Their EP release features visual art courtesy of Toxic Prophecy Productions, a contemporary video artist who transforms organic images into meditational landscapes that are heavily influenced by fractal patterning embedded within the natural order of the universe.

Rounding out the bill we have the Attica Riots and DJ Fran Pham. The Attica Riots play sweet sounding poppy rock that also drinks heavily from the goblet of Britpop; unlike the headliner, they seem to stick to mostly organic instruments. DJ Fran Pham’s love of spacey funk is sure to keep the party going all night and into the wee hours.

This show should be one for the record books, so clear your dance card and make your way to 72 Princess Street on Friday, Nov. 15 to get your world rocked.