Locals to look out for

Mobina Galore

Dear Winnipeg,

I know life in this dreary little town can be a drag – the summers are far too short and every time we turn around someone or something is kicking our local music scene in the guts.

Whether it’s building owners closing down your local club or the federal government making it harder for your favorite artists to tour through here, there is a lot of crap that can get you down. I like to concentrate on the positive, like the fact that an awesome act like Mobina Galore chose to make this hell hole their home, so now you get to see them play all the time.

Mobina Galore are kick-ass alt-punk transplants from Fernie, B.C. They have catchy rock hooks that stay rattling around in your head. When you take Jenna Priestner’s thundering riffs and vocals, which can turn from seductive to snarly on a dime, and mix them with Marcia Hanson’s machine gun rhythms, you get a sound that can’t help but turn heads and draw comparisons to artists as disparate as the Black Keys, Tegan and Sara, and Spinnerette.

If this kind of thing turns your crank, then I urge you to pop on down to your local music store and pick up a copy of their 2011 album Revel. Or you can catch them live at the Cavern on Friday, Sept. 27, with Shred Kelly and Modern Man.

What? The real world isn’t your thing? Well then you can always pop on over to the website, www.mobinagalore.com

Yours Truly,

David Lorne Thomas Skene

P.S. I hope to see you at the show ‑ it’s been far too long since we hung out.