Balls-out, no-frills rock and roll

Fans of Black Sabbath should make their way down to the Windsor Hotel on Apr. 11 in order to check out some high-quality riff rock from Regina three-piece Black Thunder.

Listening to bands like Sabbath, Pride Tiger, Black Mountain, and Priestess led this band of gentlemen to gravitate towards the riff rock genre and produce balls-out, no-frills rock and roll that will have you tearing the sleeves off your t-shirt and trying your damnedest to grow a long, flowing head of hair.

“[Tony and I have] been playing in bands together pretty much since we were 10 and 12 [years old],” says Neil Lutz, drummer and mustache-wearer for the band. “When the other things we were doing didn’t work out we just decided to start playing what we wanted, and what we were into at the time. It’s a little more adventurous and matured. We definitely feel like we have found our sound.”

This group of Saskatchewan natives will be making a trip out to Winnipeg in order to release their new album, entitled Through The Mirror, in the city where their newly-signed-on-to label Transistor 66 Records resides.

“Hopefully [Transistor 66] will help us find a bigger audience,” says Lutz. “It will keep us more connected with other bands around Canada, which is always good when you’re travelling to new towns to do shows.”

Catch Black Thunder along with Chica Boom Boom and the Catamounts at the Windsor Hotel on Apr. 11.