Locals to look out for

Ah, Saint Patrick’s Day, a holiday celebrating binge drinking and the colour green. Maybe once it might have had something to do with Irish people and snakes, but that connection has been buried by the sands of time.

I can’t think of a better soundtrack to a night of brain-cell-killing fun than the bill that the Rose n’ Bee has planned for this Sunday. The R n’ B has put together three bands of unpretentious and unapologetically fun music.

The Unbelievable Bargains

Those of you who follow Locals to Look Out For might remember the Unbelievable Bargains from my very first column, when I discussed the creative exploits of Mr. Steve Basham, a solo artist and front man for the Girth. In the Bargains he hops on bass and the man holding the reins is the ever-talented Marshall Birch, a songwriter whose unique blend of humour and honesty has delighted fans across Manitoba.

The group is rounded out by Winnipeg’s most energetic rhythm monster, a man that drums so hard he’s often known to fly right off his stool: the one and only J.P. Perron (This Hisses, ex-Mahogany Frog).

The Thrashers

If you wanna party like a modern day Frankie and Annette but don’t know how to get a beach blanket boogie going at the local skate park, the Thrashers will show you how it is done.

Mixing high energy surf rock with anthem punk rock abandon might not sound novel on paper, but believe you me: these guys do it with such freewheeling enthusiasm and genuine ‘peg city style that you can’t help but fall in love with this band. From Jesse Bercier’s switchblade-sharp guitar licks, to Iaian Loeppky’s wild bass lines and even wilder hair, to Sean G’s beats rolling like thunder in the distance – the Thrashers are relevant retro that can’t be stopped.

The Bad Nerves

Before I give the lowdown on the Bad Nerves, I have some questions. Why do the kids from Selkirk make such great music? Was there something in the water in the early 2000s? Did their high school have some kind of experimental garage rock music program?

Whatever the cause, the effect has been a tidal wave of excellent rock n’ roll sweeping over this fair city, leaving blown-out brain cavities and buzzing ear drums in their wake.

The Bad Nerves are no exception; they spit angular keyboards sounds, grinding distortion, and propulsive rhythms that would make Jay Reatard grin, sneer, or smash something – whichever of those would best signal his approval.

So now that you are in the know, if you want to celebrate St. Drunkard’s day with me, I’ll see you at the Rose n’ Bee.