Dream, love, cure

BE:Cause Industries was started by Jay Fulmore and Mat Perlman as an outlet to not only book some cool shows, but more importantly help out some local charities along the way.

“Mat and myself have been involved in the music and arts community here in Winnipeg since we were young, and wanted to use what we had learned over the years to do something positive, and support various community organizations and non-profits,” says Fulmore. “We’ve done six big events in the past five years as well as a bunch of smaller concerts, dance parties, and an art show/sale.”

One of BE:Cause Industries’ flagship events is their annual Skate4Cancer concert series which aims to raise cancer awareness in youth.

“I met Rob Dyer six or seven years ago through mutual friends and eventually learned about Skate4Cancer,” continues Fulmore. “My band at the time joined [ . . . ] a couple other acts on the Cure is Knowledge Tour, which was a cross-Canada tour of free all-ages concerts where the bands would play and Rob would give a talk on stage and then hang out and chat with kids. I booked the Winnipeg date of that tour and BE:Cause [Industries]’ involvement has grown from there.”

Skate4Cancer founder Rob Dyer started the organization soon after losing his mother, grandmothers, and close friend to cancer. Skateboarding demonstrations and live music events provided a vehicle for Dyer to engage youth in order to promote cancer awareness and prevention techniques.

BE:Cause Industries will be hosting a Skate4Cancer fundraiser on Mar. 1, which will include performances from local talent such as the Noble Thiefs and the Angry Dragons.

Funds raised on Mar. 1 will be put towards organizing the aforementioned annual concert series organized by BE:Cause Industries, which includes a huge outdoor Skate4Cancer event scheduled to take place at the Plaza Skate Park at the Forks on May 25. This event features live music from 12 – 15 acts, skateboarding competitions, and a slew of prizes.

Also present will be Dyer himself to talk to attendees about topics such as the importance of cancer awareness and how knowledge is the only cure for cancer.

“Armed with the understanding that 80 per cent of cancers can be prevented with early detection and healthy lifestyles, The Cure is Knowledge proposes that the only cure currently available is knowledge,” reads the Skate4Cancer website.

“By creating educational campaigns that are easy to understand, we hope to inspire youth to incorporate preventative methods into their busy lives. Our approach includes informative videos, social media pushes and effective blogs as well as several informative campaigns.”

Also included in the concert series is a pre-party boasting a night of heavy music at the Windsor Hotel on May 24, as well as an after-party on the evening of May 25 at a yet to be disclosed location.

All funds raised from these events will be donated to a local cancer-related organization. Last year BE:Cause Industries donated funds to the HSC Foundation, which contributed to the purchase of a new piece of medical equipment called a Hitachi Ultrasound Prosound 7.

“This innovative ultrasound equipment provides enhanced detailed image information to physicians and the sophisticated probes allow for deeper penetration into tumours and provide options for more efficient removal of the tumours,” says Fulmore.

Some might ask why Fulmore and Pearlman pour their hearts and souls into the work that they’re doing for nothing in return, and the answer is simple.

“BE:Cause Industries was created to effect a positive difference in the world,” says Fulmore.

“We are dedicated to supporting great causes, and the people who run them.”

Support Skate4Cancer by checking out the Noble Thiefs [sic] and the Angry Dragons at the Windsor Hotel on Mar. 1. Visit www.dreamlovecure.org for more information on Skate4Cancer, Rob Dyer, and how you can be a part of the cure.