Chutney Mayhem

On Saturday, Dec. 8, some local artists will perform a trick of philanthropic magic and turn art and music into food, clothes, medicine, and education.

Chutney Mayhem is an event held in support of the Jagruthi Orphanage in Bangalore, India – an orphanage for the children of sex workers. Having gone strong for several years, the initiative is spearheaded by Kevin Kelly, who visited the orphanage on a trip to India years ago.

Taking place at Gio’s, starting at 8 p.m., the evening will not only feature performances, but also an art auction with art from local artists.

The Jagruthi Orphanage started in 1996 and, amongst other programming, houses children who have been victim to sexual exploitation themselves or whose parents have succumbed to HIV. Some of the children living at the centre have contracted HIV and the centre provides specialized care so that they may lead as healthy a life as possible.

Jagruthi also provides proper counseling and psychological care to children who have been through so much in their short lives. The centre is not only a safe place for the children, but also provides schooling and life skills training. Jagruthi also aims to raise awareness of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, providing a daycare for sex workers to leave their children in safely while they work, and providing a drop-in support centre.

“All the art is donated, the performers are not paid, only the venue is paid, so a lot of capitol can be generated—especially by the art auction—and it goes to directly aid these children,” says organizer Dean Robinson.

Robinson decided to get involved after attending the event a few years ago.

“I had been to CM about four years ago and loved the freedom of it all: the food was amazing, the performances were something I had never seen before. It was a fantastic night,” says Robinson.

Attendees this year can expect more of the same with an incredible roster of entertainers and artists donating their time and talent.

The event will require 20 volunteers, though performers and artists are also urged to donate to the success of the evening. The funds raised deeply impacts the orphanage and the kids in its care.

“All of the proceeds go to the orphanage. There is no middle man, there is no other organization, just Kevin and [the orphanage],” says Robinson. “[Any money] that we can provide is of great use, and with the amount of money we can spend on partying we can generate a lot of good.”

You can use your party funds next week to fight for the rights of the orphans of Indian sex workers.

Those looking to get involved in the event can contact Dean or Kevin at or