Campus news briefs

UMSU holds referendum for U-Pass

University of Manitoba Student Union (UMSU) is holding a referendum vote for all U of M undergraduate students in regards to a potential U-Pass.

A U-Pass, costing students $85 per semester, adjusting with inflation rates, would allow for admission onto Winnipeg Transit through September to April. This pass would be available to undergraduate students registered in at least six credit hours a semester.

Similar programs are instated throughout universities in Canada, including Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, Mount Royal University, and Thompson Rivers University.

Voting is open to all undergraduate students and will be open from Nov. 14 to 16.

Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship appoints new director

Stuart Henrickson, U of M alumni, has recently been named the I.H. Asper director of entrepreneurship at the Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship. This position enables Henrickson to guide and mentor students whose goals include creating their own business.

Henrickson’s resume includes founding Red Leaf Capital, an organization that provides different services to companies including advisory, raising debt, and raising equity services. He has also partaken in global projects in Malaysia, London, and Dubai.

The Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship, previously known as the Asper Centre for Entrepreneurship, began in 2008 and encourages students and Canadian individuals to pursue entrepreneurship as a career, while training them in the skills necessary to do so.

U of M releases online tool that allows students to check their drinking habits

A new anonymous survey enables students to have a more comprehensive knowledge of his or her drinking habits.

The questionnaire asks participants to reveal their habits in relation to alcohol consumption and includes questions that ask if anyone in their life has had concerns about their alcohol intake or if they often regret drinking the morning after.

A final report is compiled after the survey is completed. This report can be printed or sent to your health care professional.

Check Your Drinking University (CYD-U) surveys have been released at several universities including the University of Western Ontario and University of Alberta.

The U of M version of the survey is available at