Orientation week features something for everyone

This year’s University of Manitoba Student Union (UMSU) orientation featured some classic events that returning students will have recognized from last year, as well as some new events introduced this year.

The aptly named “UMSU’s Got You Orientation 2012” kicked off on Sept. 6, the first week of official classes.

Some of the events from last year, as well as previous years, included: the beer gardens, free coffee and donuts in the mornings, the annual boat cruise, and live music and games throughout the campus, among others.

Similar to past years, orientation week featured an array of booths set up in University Centre, some of which were selling various items or services.

However, many of these booths were representing University of Manitoba student groups and services, and were on display as a way to provide information to new students of the various groups and services that are made available to them as U of M students.

Similarly, some booths were activist-oriented and were trying to raise awareness for various issues, such as animal rights and advocating lower tuition rates.

New events that were introduced in this year’s orientation included: a movie night featuring The Avengers and a country-themed social at The Hub on campus. Orientations in the past have featured socials, but with The Hub only recently opening this is the first social held in the new pub.

There was also one main event new this year that had everyone’s attention, which was a concert featuring hip-hop artists K’Naan and Ludacris.

According to UMSU president Bilan Arte, “One huge event that made this year unique was our Ludacris and K’naan concert which sold out to over 3,000 students and closed off our orientation with an event where we hope all attendees had a blast and will hopefully remember for years to come.”

The concert was held in the Max Bell Centre on Friday Sept. 14. Both students and the general public were invited to buy tickets and attend the event at the cost of $25 for students and $40 for the general public.

In addition to the concert, UMSU was proud to say that this year’s orientation week featured something for everyone to take part in.

“There was truly an opportunity for everyone to participate in at least a few events throughout the eight days in celebration of the beginning of a new academic year,” said Arte.

The planning for this year’s orientation included talking with students to find out what sorts of events they were interested in and wanted to both see and partake in.

As well, UMSU wanted to focus this year’s orientation on what UMSU has to offer students and to show that they are here to assist the student body in any way they need.

“Our team wanted to highlight how UMSU is here to support students,” said Arte, “which is how we came up with the name ‘UMSU’s Got You,’ and in this respect we did a lot of tabling across campus to reach out to and connect with our members, as well as many class talks throughout all eight days to showcase all that UMSU does, our campaigns and services, and our advocacy work on behalf of students.”