Campus pub about to open

Although estimates of the opening date of the new campus pub have varied, The Hub is now set to open in a matter of weeks.

Justin Quigley, UMSU vice-president (internal), said The Hub is really close to the point where UMSU can start opening the doors.

“I don’t have any hard deadlines, but the opening will be quite soon,” he said.

Since exam time is very close, no large opening events will take place this semester, as the university administration was concerned that it may prove too distracting for students during exam season.

However, the Hub will have a soft opening in the next couple of weeks and remain open during summer time.

The exact hours for summer are not finalized. There will be reduced hours and “evenings will be open.”

Quigley said that the construction is at that point where “everything that comes up, happens really quickly.”

With the capacity for approximately 240 people at a time, The Hub looks nothing like Wise Guys.

Quigley explained that the bar was pushed back into what used to be the kitchen, with a remodelled kitchen in the back. In the past, the kitchen used to be two separate rooms; it is now one.

Quigley explained that UMSU wanted as much space as possible in the pub.

The Hub also has a DJ booth, a stage for live performances, and a universal access point dedicated to wheelchair access.

He mentioned that the breaker boxes are from the old Wise Guys.

“The system costs a lot so it was a huge saving for The Hub,” he said.

The Hub will also have space dedicated to students who want to display their artwork in the pub.

Quigley said that UMSU is hoping that the Hub will be a “community pub” and will cater to everybody. He added that unlike Wise Guys, which was pretty much a sports bar, The Hub will be a “neutral but welcoming” place.

“It is a space for everybody, that is why it has a neutral color and environment,” he said.

The Hub’s business manager will soon start training the staff, which will likely take a couple weeks.

Changed on Mar 28, 2012. The original version of this article stated that the pub was set to open in a “matter of days.” And that the sound system, not the breaker boxes was being retained.