Take off your clothes

Two weekends ago I attended a student journalism conference in Victoria, B.C. The conference and speakers covered a wide array of topics, one of which was titled The Human Body Project. This presentation was unlike any other at NASH74. Speaker Tasha Diamant presents totally in the nude to create a non-dominating experience while making herself completely vulnerable.

In the conference guide she wrote: “I show up defenseless to model vulnerability in this time of urgency. We destroy ourselves and our planet because we do not know how to abide in our mutual vulnerability.”

Diamant used the word “mutual” because she invited all the attendees of her lecture to come up front, disrobe and join her. Many of us were unaware that this invitation would be offered.

The room was silent. Nobody moved. Diamant laughed and said she had “a good feeling about this group.”

The presentation moved to open discussion about what it meant to be naked in the Western world and slowly one by one both men and women moved to the front and dropped their clothes to the floor. Some were so moved by the ideas and statements made they were in tears, but they were smiling.

I personally have long struggled with my body image and weight. So I was sitting in my chair freaking out, rocking back and forth, wanting to participate in this experience.

I did it. I went up, dropped my trousers and joined the others in naked splendour. I did it for me, and for all of those who are labelled fat, ugly or just funny looking.

We only get one body and the changes we can make to it are limited. Share it, love it and enjoy it regardless of its appearance because it is yours.