The price of openness

Unlike mainstream media, the Manitoban does not endorse political candidates, parties or movements. We are a free and open medium for the expression of any and all ideas — so long as they are not racist, homophobic or sexist.

We are not left wing or right wing; Conservative or NDP; Republican or Democrat. If you have an opinion, the Manitoban will print it.

This is why I find it frustrating when I read comments or tweets accusing us of losing our credibility. To the best of my knowledge, during my 18-month tenure as Editor-in-Chief we have never refused to publish a well-written article on any subject. As far as I’m concerned, so long as we remain willing to go on as we have, our credibility remains intact and irreproachable.

Our comment section exists for the sole purpose of creating a venue for the expression of the opinions of the University of Manitoba’s community. Because of our mandate (as mentioned above) we sometimes publish opinions that are not shared by all of our readers. In fact, some of our readers — from both sides of the “aisle” — have found opinion pieces we’ve published to be downright offensive.
This is the consequence of interacting in an open medium.

It is only through challenge and debate that our own ideas become stronger; to insulate ourselves from opinions that we find contrary to our own is tantamount to refusing to acknowledge that we might be wrong.

This, in my opinion, is what is wrong with most of the mainstream media. By picking sides in an effort to attract members of a specific ideology, media outlets isolate their audience, creating the “us versus them” mentality that Canadians generally consider to be a hallmark of modern American society.

If you doubt our resolve I would encourage you challenge us; submit an article.