UMSU irons out security issues with The Hub

As opening day of The Hub is getting closer, UMSU is working to address potential security issues that may arise.

Linda Lavallee, director of the Security Services at U of M, said Security Services will work closely with UMSU and the management of the pub in addressing any issues that may arise.

“Security Services, in partnership with UMSU, works with Winnipeg Police Service and Manitoba Liquor Control Commission to ensure the rules and regulations of the Liquor Control Act are in compliance,” said Lavallee.

Lavallee said Security Services also partners with WPS throughout the year in the Road Watch program. “This program includes not only ensuring drivers on the road are in compliance with Highway Traffic Act regulations, but also [ . . . ] monitoring for impaired drivers.”

She added that Security Services also provides the 24/7 Safe Walk service on university property, “and patrol officers prioritize their patrols based on the events of the day.”

Justin Quigley, UMSU vice-president (internal), said that UMSU is in the process of conducting interviews for the pub’s head of security and will employ the successful candidate “shortly before The Hub opens.”

“This would give the new head of security enough time to create strategy for security in the pub, communicate with campus security and hire new staff,” he said.

Quigley noted that UMSU’s relationship with Security Services in regards to the new campus pub has been “fantastic” thus far.

“We hope that by keeping in communication [with Security Services] throughout the process of construction and as well during operation, we can provide a safe, respectful and enjoyable space to anyone who wishes to use the pub,” Quigley said.

Camilla Tapp, UMSU president, explained that UMSU met with Security Services soon after the lease of the new pub was signed. She added that UMSU will continue to work with the Security Services to ensure campus security can help if there are any issues outside the pub.

“Security is something we absolutely value; we want to make sure that everyone is safe in our establishment,” said Tapp.

Students told the Manitoban they are hoping the pub will be a safe and enjoyable location.

Obinna Awaji, a student in the faculty of science, said he didn’t think the new pub will cause any problems.

“I don’t think security would be an issue [with the new pub]; programs like Safe Walk and student patrolling would help the students,” said Awaji.

However, Tariq Khawaja, a student of Asper school of business, said he often studies in IQs and that “the pub security has to make sure no one over consumes and enters the study area and causes a disturbance.”