Bison athlete profile

The Bison men’s hockey team are off to a wonderful start this season, as they looked to extend their 4-0-0 record this weekend at home against the University of Regina.

The Bisons started the 2011-12 season on the road, sweeping their first series against the Calgary Dinos, shutting out the defending Canada West conference champions in back-to-back games.

The following week, the team travelled to Edmonton where they defeated the Golden Bears in both games to remain undefeated heading into week three of the Canada West season.

In the second game of the Edmonton trip, the Bison forced double-overtime. Just over three minutes in, third-year Bison forward Blair Macaulay cashed in on a 4-on-3 power play opportunity, sealing the victory and keeping the unbeaten streak alive.

A few days after his heroic moment, the Manitoban sat down with Macaulay to ask him about his life, hockey and other fun stuff:

The Manitoban: What sports did you play as a kid growing up?
Blair Macaulay: Golf and soccer. Stopped playing soccer when I was about 12 years old, but I was big into that when I was younger. I still golf pretty religiously in the summer . . . as every hockey player does. [Laughs]

M: When did you start playing hockey?
BM: I guess organized hockey at age five, but pretty much as soon as I could I had the stick and tennis ball down in the basement playing with my Dad. So, it started early.

M: Who was your favorite hockey player growing up?
BM: Favourite hockey player has always been Ryan Smyth. Just the way he played, his grinding style.

M: Is this the strongest start to a season that you’ve been a part of with the Bisons?
BM: We had the same start in my first year — two years ago — we started 4-0, and I think we lost our fifth game in overtime. Hopefully we can go 5-0 because I don’t think a Bison [hockey] team has done that; that would be huge.

M: How tough is it to start a season on a road, and is there a big difference playing at home versus being on the road?
BM: I think we always feel more comfortable at home. Especially this year, playing the top two teams — well, rated the top two teams — in Calgary and Edmonton in the first few weekends, to get out of there with four wins is almost not anticipated. But we’ll take it!

M: What are you studying at school?
BM: I’m in business, first-year business.

M: The biggest story in Winnipeg is the Jets. Are you following the team? Do you have season tickets?
BM: Yea, I’m following the team. I can’t really afford season tickets on a student salary, but my parents have half-season tickets. Hopefully my Dad will bring me out to a couple games.

M: Were you a fan of the original Jets growing up?
BM: Yea, I remember going to see a couple games. I went to see one of the last games, with the big white outs and all that. I was pretty young, but I’ve got some faint memories from them.

M: If you could be any type of animal, which would you choose and why?
BM: Anything that can fly.

M: If you could play mini-golf with any celebrity, who would it be?
BM: Any celebrity, eh? Ok . . . I’ll go with the [band] Kings of Leon.