Road construction underway

Construction continues throughout the University of Manitoba campus, with construction projects underway on Chancellor Matheson, the Pembina Highway intersection and Maclean Crescent.

“The good news is that this roadwork will ultimately improve access to the Fort Garry campus; the bad news is that you should expect some delays in getting onto campus and leaving during peak hours while construction is underway,” wrote Alan Simms, U of M associate vice-president (administration) in an email to students.

In the wake of the construction at Chancellor Matheson/Pembina, students will find new bus stops and turning lanes, as well as multi-use pathways, sidewalks and new traffic lights to mediate certain intersections.

The turning lanes eastbound, northbound and westbound on Chancellor Matheson are almost complete and will make it easier for larger vehicles to turn right and onto Pembina Highway.

“It will also reduce congestion on westbound Chancellor Matheson, as right-turning traffic currently shares the through-lane at the signal,” Simms wrote.

Some students told the Manitoban that road construction has infringed on their mobility getting to and from classes.

Brittany Kessler, who drives to and from university every weekday, said she has had to find new ways to get around.

“I hate construction in general,” she said. “Instead of waiting in line on Bison Drive, I’ve started to try different detours.”

Roma Zayats, who commutes to campus by bus, said the construction “doesn’t change much for me, but my bus once got lost due to the missing right turn lane on Chancellor Matheson and we had to loop around.”

Patrons of public transit will also find bus service down Maclean Crescent has been rerouted to Dafoe Road, north of Tache Hall. Maclean Crescent is also being converted into a two-way street.

Students can expect to see most of the construction at the Chancellor Matheson/Pembina Hwy. Intersection completed by early November, according to a release by university administration.