UMSU announces new pub name

With the construction of the new campus pub at the University of Manitoba about to begin, UMSU has released the new name and logo of what will be “The Hub.”

Camilla Tapp, UMSU president, said the name encompasses everything that they hope to achieve with the community pub.

“We are designing the space in a way that everyone across campus and in the surrounding community will feel like they are welcomed,” she said. “ Our goal is to make this a great location for people to come together, connect and enjoy.”
The quest for the right name began early in May, with 51 UMSU councillors completing a survey on what they would like to see in the new campus pub. “The Hub” won out as the best name suggestion and was released as the offical pub name this month.

According to Tapp, the new pub will offer space for live performances and entertainment, while also providing room for studying in the relaxed “rustic-chic” environment. The new design will also present an opportunity for student artists to showcase their artwork, she said.

As part of their cabaret licence, The Hub will be required to provide two hours of live entertainment per day. The arrangement of themed-entertainment is already underway with plans for “Classic Country” and “Revamped Rez” nights.

The menu will incorporate a variety of drinks and food, and promises to be unlike anything else on campus. The food menu, being developed by pub manager Claudette Paradis, is being described as “classic pub food with a twist” but no solid details are being given out quite yet.

The pub, taking over the location what was previously WiseGuys, is on the cusp of the demolition stage, said Tapp.

There had been initial plans for a September opening, but due to the 8-week lag time required to receive a City Of Winnipeg permit, opening has been slated for October.

Already there are job postings for the kitchen supervisors, head bartender and assistant manager.

According to Tapp, the project has surpassed the initial budget due to unexpected mechanical and electrical upgrades, which have pushed the overall capital costs higher than expected. Before the upcoming fall opening, she said the design team and project manager will be working even hard to reduce costs and ensure that The Hub meets the needs of students.