Go Jets Go #6

While there’s been lots of rumours and speculation swirling about the return of the NHL to Winnipeg, I stand by the opinion that now that the Coyotes have been eliminated things can move forward.

Meanwhile, Winnipeg hockey fans and supporters from around the world continue to cheer for the Detroit Red Wings, who eliminated the Coyotes from the playoffs. It is now believed that the next step is a season ticket drive, kicked off by TNSE for the upcoming season, with an official announcement of the relocation coming soon afterwards.

As we wait for the announcements to be made, Twitter has proven to be an excellent resource for rumours and breaking news. Here’s my breakdown on some of the best (and worst) sources for solid Jets news on Twitter:

Twitter: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:
@returnofthejets – Darren Ford, the creator of JetsOwner.com and the leader of the grassroots movement since 2003. Doesn’t post many updates, but when he does, they are usually insightful and well-sourced. When the announcement is imminent, expect him to be one of the first to know.

@AllyK00 – Ally K is a Phoenix resident and Coyotes season ticket holder who regularly takes photos of the attendance at Coyotes games and posts them for all to see. A rare Arizonian supporter of the return of the Jets campaign, her posts throughout the regular season have shed some light on just how abysmal the Coyotes attendance really is.

@GoldwaterInst – The Goldwater Institute’s twitter page provides updates on the
Phoenix Coyotes deal. As they are staunchly against the current deal in the works to keep the franchise in Glendale, they also tweet articles and videos related to the alleged illegality of the deal.

@RebekahLSanders West Valley biz and Phoenix Coyotes Ownership for the Arizona Republic. She’s conducted some interviews with local radio stations and appears to be one of the few unbiased Phoenix reporters that tells it how it is.

The Bad:

@thewinnipegger, @NHLWinnipeg, @TheWinnipegJets are all staunch defenders of Winnipeg as a hockey market, and they occasionally get into some interesting and engaging discussions or discuss the latest rumours (for better or worse). Unfortunately, they also enjoy sparring with Coyotes and Thrasher fans, which is a futile exercise that mostly gives the city a bad name. Nevertheless, if you’re down to stir the pot a little bit and get involved in some twitter discussion, they are must-follows.

The Ugly:

@WalshTodd (Television/Radio broadcaster for the Coyotes), @JohnKincade (Sports talk show host on 680 The Fan in Atlanta. Hosts the pre-game and post-game reports for Thrasher games) tend to be shit-starters, looking to rile up Winnipeg fans and defend their hometown. Kincade in particular has kept the hope alive for Thrashers fans by reporting on the status of a mysterious buyer, codenamed “The Balkan”. “The Balkan” is apparently imminently going to swoop in and save the day. Other Atlanta area reporters cannot confirm or deny this claim.