UMSU election candidate interviews- vice-president (internal)

Working Together candidate: Justin Quigley


  • Serves as Student Architectural
    Society (SAS) rep on UMSU council
  • Sits on UMSU environmental
    sustainability committee

    Why did you decide to run?
    Well, recently this past year I have gotten involved outside of my own academic life. I have decided to get involved with students. So I ran for my student organization as an UMSU rep, and when I was asked to run for executive I thought this was an opportunity to work together with the students.

What do you think the role of UMSU is on the U of M campus?
The role of UMSU to me as a students union is as a voice for the students and is an opportunity for the students to work with their executive to make sure their needs are met. As this is an institution for students to learn, I think that is a very important and worthwhile endeavor.

What student businesses would you develop, and how would you improve current businesses?
I believe [ a campus pub] is very important. I think it would be worth trying to approach this and take it from the stance of making sure that students are involved at all levels. And for students to have something to call their own.
I think a lot of [UMSU businesses] currently have very positive things to them. I would work with students to understand better what is required for these businesses.

Get More candidate: Nick Shamanski


  • Co-chair of Arthur Mauro Students’
  • Representative for Students
    Association for Health Physical
    Education and Recreation (SAHPER) on
    Senate committee
  • Serves on UMSU travel grants

    What made you decide to run?
    I have been thinking about running for about the past year. I only wanted to run if I was running with people that were equally as passionate as I am about trying to do the best job possible. I want to see a union that serves all students.

What do you think the role of UMSU is on the U of M campus?
I believe that UMSU should be exactly what the name says: it should the union for the students and try to be representative of all students. UMSU should do its best to provide various services to all the students. As each student is different, UMSU should work to provide a variety of services so that all students feel the union is meeting their needs.

What student businesses would you develop, and how would you improve current businesses?
If all goes well and UMSU acquires the Wise Guys space this year, I would love to work on developing a student owned-and-run on-campus bar. The bar would need a facelift and the business plan would be built around what is important to students. It would have good food and prices would reflect that of a student budget.

For improving businesses, I would like to make sure [Degrees] does their best to utilize their new space and equipment, would minimize wait times and provide more meal options. This year UMSU is working to get Degrees fully licensed so they may serve drinks without the purchase of a meal. I believe this would be important to follow through on that [ . . . ].

Clean Slate candidate: Chris Struc


  • Youth representative for province of
  • Worked as administrative accounting
  • Currently obtaining a business minor from Asper school of business

    Why did you decide to run?
    The reason why I decided to run for vice-president (internal) of UMSU is I felt that a lot of change could be made to benefit the students and I believe that working together with the rest of my slate, them and I can make considerable change that will benefit the students in terms of improving UMSU businesses, looking into new business ventures, looking to increase fiscal responsibility by implanting new policies and really looking at reforming the system from the inside out.

What do you think the role of UMSU is on the U of M campus?
UMSU is of course run by the students for the students, so that connection between the UMSU executive and the students and the student group leaders, as well as staff and all people that work on the U of M campus and the Bannatyne campus should be very close. We should be working closely with staff, students, anyone basically that accesses services and we should be looking how to improve them.

What student businesses would you develop, and how would you improve current businesses?
“[ . . . ] We would like to have a student-run pub. We’re currently investigating into other universities — what they’ve done, how they’ve run it, whether it’s student-run or organization-run.
In addition, [ . . . ] we would like, once we get into power, to evaluate all businesses [ . . . ] and make sure the businesses are the most effective way to operate and that they’re running at basically maximum efficiency. [ . . . ] We would consult students; we would make sure that students are getting what they want out of those businesses.