Letters to the Editor – March 9, 2011

RE: “Won’t somebody think of the children?” (March 2nd, 2011)

I just wanted to congratulate Sheldon [Birnie] on a great article on salvia, and drugs in general.

I’m not one for looking up facts to support an argument, but I think that we all know that prohibition doesn’t work. Our healthy demand for drugs will not be defeated by laws and legislation. The problems with drugs are not demand for drugs, or drugs themselves, but the criminal element that lies behind the manufacturing and sale of drugs and the gang wars, impure batches and overflowing jails that result.

All drugs should be made legal, from cocaine all the way through heroin and meth, and regulated by the government to insure both pure, reliable doses and, most of all, competitive prices. Yes, drugs do kill people, but so do lots of other things . . . Darwin’s law right? I mean, just look at Charlie Sheen.

Tony Neustaedter