Winnipeg, what an experience

What can I say about the city known as the ’Peg. This is what I know: muddy waters, the centre (heart) of this continent, “Winterpeg” — this is where I was born. The experience of living here is a trial and this I have learned everywhere on my travels.

One of my first trials happened in L.A., California, where my mom and I were at a hotel bar (at the time, I was under age) and a gentleman had been talking to us and was curious about our accent. “Wow, accent?” we questioned. He said, “You don’t sound like you’re from around here. Are you in the film industry?”

Laughing and saying no at the same time, we asked, “Why do you say that?” He answered, “People here don’t talk like you. I mean, most people in L.A. don’t talk as clear and don’t finish sentences.” Still laughing, he asked us, “So where do you come from?” “We live in Winnipeg, north of the Dakotas,” my mom said. His reply: “The Peg.” Our jaws drop. It turns out his beautiful wife was born in Winnipeg.

As we already know, Winnipeg is the best looking city in the North America. It’s simply the truth.

Later, I moved out of the province into another: Alberta. I had been working at a job and this good-looking man comes in for an interview, and I’m thinking, “Why does this guy think he’s so hot?” He got the job, and on his second day at work I approached him. We got to talking and it turned out he knew a bunch of my friends and once lived across the Red River from my parents’ house. We were instant pals, and we still talk to each other to this day.

I have travelled coast to coast, seen many different people, places and things and the ’Peg is not a small world. This city is known for everything it is and so much more.

The best part of being a Winnipegger is . . . everything

204 for life.