Letters to the Editor – Jan. 26, 2011

RE: Preach what you know (Jan. 5, 2011)

I am a recent graduate of the University of Manitoba and I was at the university to grab some food at my favorite restaurant, Degrees. I grabbed the Manitoban to have some reading while eating. My attention was taken by a terrible article written by Jan Musil entitled “Preach what you know.” The reason it grabbed my attention was because first it is not everyday you see a person write an article to slag another person. The author’s whole basis of the article was completely off track. The author states that Rob McGregor is a “self described anarchist,” stating it like it’s a bad thing, which it is not. But then the author goes on to talk about the problems with communism in Czechoslovakia. I guess the author doesn’t realize that anarchism and communism are completely different ideologies and political systems. A quick look at Wikipedia can find that out. Also, the author does not realize that the communism that was in Czechoslovakia was not communism in the actual sense but in fact state capitalism, something anarchism is opposed to. This non-researched kind of petty garbage should not grace the pages of the Manitoban. There is no basis for an article and the article does not provide any sort of light on any topic.

Kyle Mytruk